Other work gloves

Nitrile chemical industry gloves

Material: Nitrile

Lining: Unlined

Cuff: Straight cuff, texture of “diamond”

Color: Green, blue, white and black etc

Size: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Length: 320 mm, 350mm, 380mm 

Thickness: 8mil(0.20mm), 11mil(0.28mm), 13mil(0.33mm), 15mil(0.38mm), 18mil(0.45mm) 

Packing: 1 pair/poly bag, 12 pairs/bag,  120/144 pairs/carton.

Products Features:

* Anti-heat, anti-aging, anti-oil and various organic solvents

* Chlorination of the surface to increase mechanical strength

* Excellent extension rate, no easily deformed

* Nitrile composition does not cause allergic reactions

* The texture of the working surface "diamond" provides excellent grip in oily environments and increases the wear resistance of the gloves


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